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Rep. Goodman reappointed as Public Safety Committee Chair

 Rep. Roger Goodman, an attorney and criminal justice expert, was reelected by his colleagues to continue chairmanship of the House Public Safety Committee. “In a heartbeat, a violent crime or a natural disaster can take away everything — your home, your family, your life,” Goodman said. “Our state laws must do whatever is possible to prevent crime and respond to floods, wildfires and landslides, because lives are literally at stake.” Rep. Goodman began chairing the Public Safety Committee back in … Continue reading

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Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my website. Beginning July 1, election-year restrictions are in place and I must limit outreach and external communications. Those restrictions include posting new content on our websites after June 30, so this page will be static until December. However, if you need information or have a legislative issue, please feel free to contact me with your requests and concerns and my office will return your call, email or letter promptly. Even though my legislative website will … Continue reading

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Rep. Goodman’s bill will save the lives of domestic violence victims

HB 1840, signed into law by Governor Inslee today, was the only gun safety bill to pass the legislature this session. Sponsored by state Rep. Roger Goodman, HB 1840 aligns Washington state law with federal law by removing firearms from those subject to protection orders.  Under federal law, when a protection order is issued against a domestic violence offender he must surrender his firearms.  Current state law allows domestic abusers to keep an arsenal of weapons. Rep. Goodman said, “At … Continue reading

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Legislature passes bipartisan bill to protect foster children

Just under the House deadline last Friday at 5pm, in a unanimous vote, the House passed SB 6126, providing Washington’s foster children with attorneys. In most states all foster children have lawyers, but in Washington, they do not. Our state ranks 48th in the nation in the degree of legal representation offered to foster youth. Here, some counties have offer attorneys, but most do not.  Justice by geography is not justice. Rep. Roger Goodman, sponsor of the House companion bill … Continue reading

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“We are being watched.”

So stated Representative Roger Goodman, Chair of the Public Safety Committee on the House floor this week. Goodman was speaking in favor of HB 2789, regulating the use of drones. “We are being watched, and we know it,” he said. “There are cameras affixed to buildings, streets, parking lots. We don’t have a complete expectation of privacy. But we are also being watched and we don’t know it – by extraordinary sensing devices. They are game-changing technology.” Extraordinary Sensing Devices … Continue reading

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