Rep. Clibborn chairs the House Transportation Committee

Today’s bill signings put the finishing touch on a biennium’s worth of work for transportation.  The citizens of Washington can be proud of what we accomplished.

Democrats and Republicans put partisan politics aside to produce a supplemental budget that gets great mileage from modest revenues. We sustain investments that supported more than 43,000 jobs in a tough economy this biennium, and we respected the transportation needs of every citizen, whether they depend on highways, ferries, transit, walkways or city streets to get to work and go about their lives.

We were helped by a reformed state Department of Transportation that is finding ways to get more value out of every transportation dollar as they deliver projects on time and within budget.  I’d like to thank and congratulate them for their great work.

I’d also like to thank Gov. Chris Gregoire, the other transportation leaders of both parties in the House and Senate, and the Connect Washington Task Force for their vision, hard work and leadership.

Make no mistake: The investments and policies signed today are only a down payment on the 21st century transportation system Washington needs to remain a world leader in job-creation, international trade, and economic growth. But it is a good down payment that was made the right way, with everyone working together for the common good of all.

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On the web:

LEAP page on the supplemental transportation budget (ESSB 2190, with projects)

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