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Representing the 29th District as a legislator is sometimes like juggling an egg, a bowling ball, and a badger. It sometimes takes finesse, sometimes strength, and sometimes it turns around and bites you.

Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but there’s always a possibility that I might drop the ball (or the egg, or the badger). That’s where you come in.

By visiting this website, it shows either (a) you’re related to me or (b) you have some interest in what the heck’s going on in Olympia and want to get involved.

I hope you decide to get involved because, by participating, you make sure that government serves you, not the other way around.





Steve was born and raised in the 29th District, living in the same house in South Tacoma for over forty years before he and his wife, Beckie Summers, moved to Tacoma’s Fern Hill neighborhood in 2002. They have five adult children and eleven grandchildren.

In the House of Representatives experience and seniority matter, and Steve Kirby has plenty of both. As a senior House member and as Chairman of the Business and Financial Services Committee, Steve Kirby is widely regarded as one of the most influential voices in the legislature. He knows all the players without a program, but he’s managed to avoid all the petty partisan politics that stand in the way of good government. The fact is, he is well-liked by members of both parties.

Steve Kirby has a rich history of civic involvement. He was elected to the Tacoma City Council 40 years ago, at the age of 25, and served four terms. As a councilman he served on the Workforce Development Council Executive Board, the Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health, the Tacoma Joint Municipal Action Committee, the Pierce Transit Board of Directors, and he was the first chairman of the Tacoma City Council’s Public Safety Committee. And because of his dedication to providing essential services to the people of Tacoma he was declared an honorary member of the Tacoma Firefighters Local 31, Tacoma Police Local 6 and Tacoma Library Employees Local 120.

 Aaron BarnaIn the House of Representatives, Steve Kirby has established a reputation as a seasoned legislator with a broad range of experience. Over the years he has served on the House Rules Committee, the Agriculture Committee, the Technology Committee, the Capital Budget Committee, The Local Government and Housing Committee, the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee, the Organized Crime Advisory Board, and the Joint Executive Legislative Committee on Water Policy. He currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee, the Commerce and Gaming Committee, the Committee on Committees and he is chairman of the Business and Financial Services Committee where he is known for his expertise in consumer protection legislation.

In addition to his official civic duties, Steve Kirby has been active in his community in other ways throughout his adult life. He has been a member of the Tacoma Athletic Commission, the Tacoma Executives Association, the Pierce County Democratic Central Committee Executive Board, the Pierce County Young Democrats, the Southeast Lions Club, the Southeast Tacoma Optimist Club, the South End Neighborhood Center Advisory Board and the City of Tacoma Community Development Advisory Committee.

Prior to the legislature, Steve Kirby was the Finance Director for the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Tacoma for ten years. During legislative interims, he works as Community Relations Representative at Harborstone Credit Union.


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