Rep. Luis Moscoso

From the look of his committee assignments, Rep. Luis Moscoso’s second term in the House of Representatives will be very busy, but he’s no longer the new kid on the block.

The Mountlake Terrace Democrat is no stranger to transportation issues; his stellar work in that committee the past two years was decisive in his reappointment, but as one of three vice chairs this time around.

“I am honored to assist in vice chair responsibilities.  My background in transit gives me a real hands-on perspective in working on these issues,” said Moscoso, who worked at Community Transit for 25 years as a Transit Operator, Union President and finally as Organizational Improvement Specialist on the organization’s Executive Team.

“Transportation infrastructure and transit have languished for years; it’s time to get Washington moving again. To do so we need a robust, multimodal statewide transportation plan that includes the highway and transit investments necessary to meet system maintenance and operation demands.” 

As one of the vice chairs of the House Transportation Committee, Moscoso will be working directly with the committee chair, Rep. Judy Clibborn, on the transportation budget and revenue sources for funding, as well as on issues relating to transportation policy and agencies such as the Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol. The other two vice chairs are Rep. Marko Liias and Representative-elect Jacob Fey.

Rep. Moscoso addressing a group of students on Latino Legislative Day 2012

Last year Moscoso worked on prevention/intervention legislation for youth anti-violence and gang issues. He was reappointed to the Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee, which will enable him to continue addressing these problems.

“Saving our youth from violence of any sort is our responsibility as legislators and parents, and I remain committed to finding funding to support evidence-based practices that prevent and reduce youth involvement in street criminal gangs across the state,” Moscoso said.

“This is not just a problem in urban areas.  Gangs are mobile and can prey on our children anywhere.  It’s clear that out schools are not as safe for children as we would like them to be.”

The committee considers issues relating to law enforcement agencies, crime prevention, criminal penalties, sex offenders, mentally ill offenders, and government preparedness to respond to public emergencies.

Moscoso will also serve in the new Government Accountability & Oversight Committee, which considers issues relating to the organization and structure of state government, as well as issues relating to the regulation and oversight of liquor, tobacco, gambling and marijuana.

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