Rep. Steve Kirby

Effective, logical House-passed gun bills now before state Senate

March 20, 2013

Rep. Steve Kirby

Effective, logical House-passed gun bills now before state Senate

Although overshadowed by the dramatic struggle over an ambitious proposal to require background checks for all private gun sales, three bills that tighten firearms regulation and can save lives passed the House last week with strong bipartisan support, and are now in the Senate’s court. Rep. Steve Kirby  of Tacoma, who was among those committed to voting for an amended background-checks bill as part of the ultimately unsuccessful effort by the Democratic majority to find a path to House approval, … Continue reading

Kirby returns to leadership of House business committee

December 10, 2012


Rep. Steve Kirby of Tacoma once again will chair the House Business & Financial Services Committee in the 2013 Legislature. The committee plays a lead role in protecting consumers from fraud and abuse. It considers the licensing and regulation of businesses and professions (excluding health care and the law) and legislation relating to insurance. It regulates consumer credit, lending, securities and investments and the soundness of banks and credit unions. The committee handles consumer issues regarding insurance and financial services and also … Continue reading

House unites to pass sweeping reforms to combat drunk driving

February 13, 2012

Rep. Chris Hurst

OLYMPIA—State representatives shared stories of people killed and families destroyed by drunk driving as they united behind sweeping reforms to crack down on drunk drivers and provide more help to their victims. State Rep. Roger Goodman (D-Kirkland) shared a letter written by Nabila Lacey, the widow of Steve Lacey, who described the pain faced every day by her family, and the things they can no longer do with Dad, since her husband was killed by a drunk driver. “The Lacey … Continue reading

In-state training for future embalmers gets a boost in Kirby’s successful measure

April 19, 2011


Legislation levels the playing field for an important program in Washington OLYMPIA – Washingtonians with a calling for embalming have but one in-state choice in undertaking the appropriate training: the excellent, nationally accredited program at Lake Washington Technical College. Unfortunately for Lake Washington’s program, as well as for its students and its would-be students, existing state law doesn’t allow the school needed access to human remains. But state Rep. Steve Kirby has stepped in this year with legislation to solve … Continue reading

Senate approves Kirby’s measure protecting homeowners from scam artists

April 9, 2011


Lawmaker’s legislation ‘puts a stop to the stealing of people’s homes by so-called lenders’ OLYMPIA – Moving closer to the governor’s desk is a legislative measure sponsored by a Tacoma lawmaker that is aimed at shielding homeowners from the clutches of scam artists. State Rep. Steve Kirby prime-sponsored House Bill 1405 in response to media accounts of people who have lost their homes to connivers. The victims have been defrauded “when they couldn’t meet preposterous terms of ill-conceived loans. “This … Continue reading

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Read all about it:
Thanks to Rep. Kirby’s successful effort to close a loophole in state law, a self-proclaimed “wolf” who victimized innocent homebuyers has turned from predator to prey.