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If you see something odd in the water, or the woods, report it

There’s a new app for Washington state residents to instantly report wildlife that shouldn’t be here: northern snakehead, hydrilla, wild pigs like the legendary Hogzilla or plain old Godzilla. If you spot them, this app makes it simple to report them from your phone. It wouldn’t hurt to take a photo or video, either. The Washington Invasive Species Council created the free app, which lets you not only report the invader, but send a photo and geographic information from your … Continue reading

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Saving money, energy and the environment

An old building at the state capitol – built in 1940 – won national recognition for being green, while a proposed new building could use even less energy. The John L. O’Brien building needed to be retrofitted to survive another earthquake. As part of that $50 million project, started in 2009, the state basically bulldozed the inside of each floor and started from scratch. Among other improvements: double-paned windows, high-efficiency heating and cooling, even landscaping outside that used less water … Continue reading

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Derelict vessels: The voyage ends (for now)

With his signature last Wednesday, Gov. Inslee capped a two-year drive in the Legislature to tackle the stubborn problem of derelict and abandoned ships and boats, which threaten the safety and environmental health of the state’s waterways and much that depends on them: recreation, shellfishing, marine industry and the jobs they provide. Rep. Drew Hansen of Kitsap County spearheaded the effort by sponsoring House Bill 2457, signed Wednesday, in  2014, and House Bill 1245, which was passed into law in … Continue reading

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Oil Transport back in the news

Regretfully, perhaps ironically, an oil spill occurred Sunday in the Houston Ship Channel in Texas. Ironic because it’s nearly 25 years to the day of infamous Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska that occurred on March 24th 1989. Like that earlier spill, much of the focus in the aftermath of this latest incident is on the local wildlife. According to a statement from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department there could be hundreds or thousands of birds of various species in … Continue reading

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Suction dredging

Here’s a great piece from one of our 36th legislative district neighbors, Kim McDonald. She does an excellent job explaining the process of suction dredging. I have a bill on this issue, HB 2579 – The Give Fish a Chance Act, that would limit the use of suction dredging in critical habitat areas with endangered species. Seeking early season fishing, I headed for small streams high up in the North Central Cascades. I found a spot, along Scotty Creek, with … Continue reading

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