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Rep. Jessyn Farrell’s statement on HB 1449: The Oil Transportation Safety Act

“I was disappointed, but unsurprised at the news out of West Virginia yesterday. At this point, with derailments almost weekly, and the sheer amount of crude being brought into some of Washington’s most populous communities by rail, we simply need to know more about what is coming through our back yards. We must do all we can to prevent these kinds of disasters. “Today’s passage of the Oil Transportation Safety Act out of the House Environment Committee is a positive … Continue reading

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Rep. Springer returns from legislative fact finding trip to UK

Legislators travel to discuss energy, natural resource & environmental policy issues OLYMPIA – Rep. Larry Springer, D-Kirkland, a long-time small business owner and leader in the House Democratic Caucus on business issues, was selected as one of three state legislators invited by the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office on Energy and Environment to participate in a public policy conference. “I am honored to have been chosen to represent Washington state,” Springer said. “Our relationship with businesses, especially those overseas, will help … Continue reading

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Where’s all the carbon in our air coming from?

New research published in the journal Climactic Change shows that a remarkably small number of companies (90) are responsible for two-thirds of global warming causing carbon emissions. Between the years 1751 to 2010, 90 companies released about 914 gigatons of CO2 emissions. Seven of those companies are cement manufacturers, the rest are energy companies producing oil, gas, and coal. (Click here for the list.) Former Vice-President Al Gore hailed the report. “This study is a crucial step forward in our … Continue reading

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Future fuel tested at Cle Elum factory

“Kermit’s Song” notwithstanding, it can be fairly easy being green. Take, for example, making fuel from scrap wood chips. All over the world, scientists are hunting for alternative fuels of the future. In our own state, a research team recently introduced its new technology at a wood-chipping plant located in the sylvan outskirts of Cle Elum, Kittitas County. Since wood chips by themselves are pretty much worthless, it’s plain old commonsense to put them to work. Why not put them … Continue reading

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Washington in the top 10 for energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, coming in at #8, Washington has been in the top ten for the eight years the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has been keeping score. ACEEE ranks states on their energy efficiency policy and program efforts and provides recommendations for ways to improve, encouraging states to continue strengthening their efficiency commitments to promote economic growth and secure environmental benefits. To determine state ranking, ACEEE looked at six areas: utility policies and programs, … Continue reading

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