Washington State House Democrats


Cleveland, Moeller, Wylie: “Transportation revenue package good for the state, includes projects for 49th LD”

The Washington State Legislature passed a 16-year, $16.2 billion transportation revenue package that invests in transportation infrastructure projects across the state through an 11.9 cent gas tax, motor vehicle fees, and bonds. The package is expected to create more than 150,000 jobs. Sen. Annette Cleveland, Rep. Jim Moeller, and Rep. Sharon Wylie, of Vancouver, issued the following statement:

“The transportation revenue package that passed today will make critical infrastructure investments and will help improve mobility throughout our state.

“The revenue package includes projects that will help congestion and mobility in our district. Some of those projects in the 49th included in the revenue package will make:

  • Improvements at I-5/Mill Plain Boulevard to reconstruct the existing interchange to address capacity needs and modify the on/off ramps to help move larger commercial vehicle traffic more efficiently.
  • Improvements from SR 501/I-5 to the Port of Vancouver to address roadway high points on local streets to allow easier movement of freight vehicles with limited ground clearance. The project will also add pedestrian crosswalks, ADA requirements, bicycle safety enhancements, and increase traffic signal clearance.
  • Investments to relocate and upgrade the Vancouver Mall Transit Center.
  • Investments to improve freight rail traffic through the Port and onto the BNSF and Union Pacific main lines by addressing key choke points.

“A number of legislators from Southwest Washington recognize our district’s most important transportation priority – the need to replace the antiquated I-5 Bridge. The bridge is the lifeline in and out of our community, region and state. We stand committed to continue to work with our colleagues across the aisle and across the river to find a solution to this infrastructure priority.

“The transportation package is good for our state and makes infrastructure investments critical to moving people and freight more efficiently. It makes much-needed improvements in our district and will help boost our state economy through more job opportunities and revenue.”