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Rep. Rossetti: Let’s work together to improve public schools, fix highways and create jobs

New lawmaker for the 19th District appointed to three House committees: Education, Transportation and Technology & Economic Development

OLYMPIA—The three biggest challenges facing our state are funding our public schools, fixing aging bridges and highways and creating jobs, all issues Rep. JD Rossetti (D-Longview) will tackle while serving on the House committees overseeing those issues.

“We can, and must, come together to find solutions for the kids in our public schools, for working people using our highways and for struggling small towns that need jobs,” said Rossetti, who serves on the Longview School Board. “My wife and I have three sons, so I know why moms and dads across our state are so passionate about giving every child a great education.”

Rep. Rossetti was appointed to the House of Representatives to take the position of Dean Takko, who is now in the state Senate.

“These three issues are all related,” said Rossetti, who also is a small business owner. “We need great public schools to give our local businesses a highly educated workforce, and our local businesses need highways and bridges to get goods to market. That solid infrastructure is a big part of how you create jobs in today’s economy.”

Rossetti said fully funding our public schools is a matter of fairness that’s especially important to families and businesses in the 19th District.

“Today’s system means a child lucky enough to be born to wealthy parents gets a better education than one of our kids in Aberdeen, Raymond or Longview,” Rossetti said. “That’s unfair to our kids and, as the state Supreme Court rules, it’s unconstitutional. By working together, we can give every child—rich or poor—the same great education in our public schools.”

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