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Floor action

House Chambers Voting Station
House Chambers Voting Station

If you were to stop by or call my office this week, you would likely have heard that I was “on the floor.”

After bills pass out of committee, they still need to be voted on by the full House in order to continue moving through the legislative process.

As we approach the deadline for passing bills out of the House, Representatives are spending most of our time in the House Chamber voting on bills.

The floor activity report is a great place to see what is going on right this minute. You can look at the floor and suspension calendars to see what bills are coming up soon or what bills we passed.

Another great way to tune into floor action is by watching it on TVW. In addition to the TVW channel on your television, you can stream video online from the House and Senate floors, committee hearings, and other interesting public policy events.

There is even an archive of footage going back to TVW’s earliest days.