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Friday, March 18


Associated Press
Like to cruise in the left lane? WSP troopers are out to get you
AP sources: Autonomous braking to be in most cars by 2022
Seattle tour group admits safety violations, to pay $222K

Bothell Reporter
Not everyone is happy with 405 toll lane changes

Central Kitsap Reporter
Editorial: Gov. Inslee’s veto fest wasn’t responsible action

Everett Herald (subscription required)
Some oppose opening I-405 toll lanes to all during certain times
Everett imposes cap on pot shops
McCusker: New approach needed to keep students in school
Editorial: Alcohol makers need to do more to limit ads kids see

News Tribune (subscription required)
Lawmakers debate teacher raises as budget talks drag on (Dunshee)
Editorial: Proposal shows promise for county, South Sound 911

Olympian (subscription required)
Tumwater teachers, district officials to seek mediator for contract

Seattle Times (subscription required)
Ride the Ducks admits to 463 violations, agrees to pay fine
Troy Kelley’s lawyers grill witnesses over fees at center of criminal case
Guest essay: How to support students amid hostile, divisive presidential election
Seattle is rich in superrich millennials: top 5 in U.S.
Seattle docs buck trend, want to allow vaccine opt-outs — except for measles
Confirmed: Doctors who take pharma money twice as likely to prescribe brand-name drugs
Puget Sound orca advocates hail SeaWorld’s decision to stop breeding killer whales
Opinion: How B.C. mining could hurt Northwest fishermen
Editorial: Lawmakers could do more to honor ‘your right to know’

Seattle Weekly
Statehouse Vacillates On Whether to Fund Homeless Student Funding

Yakima Herald Republic
Trail advocates, fisheries group at odds over Cowiche project
Editorial: Sad refrain: Cleanup goes too slowly at Hanford


I-405 toll lanes now ‘open to all’ on nights and weekends
Drivers be warned: I-5 SnoCoSqueeze starts Friday morning
Board approves firearm surrender in DV situations
Ride the Ducks agrees to proposed settlement with state

Mother of teen killed along highway hopes for new sidewalks

2 Breakfasts May Be Better Than None For School Kids

Puget Sound’s Dark Role In Orca Captures

MyNorthwest.com (KIRO FM)
On the brink: Washington State Parks bouncing back after ‘being on the edge’
Additional changes coming to I-405 could slow your weekend drive

Q13 TV (FOX)
New Capitol Hill, UW light rail stations open Saturday — learn how to get a free ride
Interstate 405 tolling suspended on nights and weekends — starting tonight
Parents of man who died in Pierce County Jail file $2 million claim


In corrections scandal, a new problem for Inslee?

Seattle P.I.
AG shuts down ‘Pay for Prayer’ website, orders Seattle man to return millions
Seattle will surf catastrophic sea level rise, but that’s not the whole climate change story

Saturday Is “Launch Day” for Extended Light Rail Service