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Friday, November 4


Associated Press
DOC doing away with standard terms to describe inmates
Judge refuses to dismiss state’s Hanford vapors lawsuit
Psychiatric hospital investigated over photos of patient
Record number of Seattle homes sell for $1 million 

Bellingham Herald (subscription required)  
State considers adding 45 acres to Cherry Point reserve

The Daily News  
Legislative candidate Jimi O’Hagan charged with two felonies 

Everett Herald (subscription required)  
State Dept. of Corrections finds the term ‘offender’ offensive

Puget Sound Business Journal 
Future of flight remains a Seattle legacy
What we’re reading — the downside of rom-coms, kindergarten gender gap and more
Boeing’s move to China would ease cramped quarters at Renton plant and Boeing Field
Editor’s Notebook: It’s time to bring back Shop Class in Washington

Seattle Times (subscription required)  
State Republicans move to suspend PDC director
Daylight saving time ends: 9 things to do with that extra hour instead of sleeping
New York Times: More young adolescents died from suicide than car crashes in 2014
Political mailer from conservative group tells if you and your neighbors have voted
New food banks pop up in unexpected place: the UW
Politics podcast: Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline and debating ST3, on The Overcast
Sexual harassment, put-downs and progress: Northwest women leaders tell their stories
Editorial: Pondering pet privacy: Big Brother shouldn’t peer into your groceries
Editorial: AT&T-Time Warner merger could mean favoritism and lack of choice
ELECTION: Opinion: Looks like the FBI wants to make America great again

Seattle Weekly  
Muslim Community Members, Syrian Refugees to Give Out Supplies to Homeless
Legacy Business Effort Jumps First Hurdle in City Budget Wrangling

Yakima Herald Republic  
Council votes to save programs at budget meetings 


Why Green River Killer Gary Ridgway is no longer called an ‘offender’

Daylight Saving Time: Fall Back, And Order Another Round
Medical Interns Could Work Longer Without A Break Under New Rule
Memo To Spokane City Council Says Proposed Oil Train Ballot Initiative Isn’t Legal
Washington Prisons To Cease Calling Inmates ‘Offenders’
Economist Sees Glimmer Of Hope In Rural Washington’s Rising Unemployment

Why we’re stuck in traffic: An answer from November 1966
Middle School Suicides Reach An All-Time High
Piling up the green in the race for Washington’s public lands commissioner

NW Public Radio  
$18 Million Penalty Hits Grocery Group That Fought GMO Labeling
Washington Prisons To Cease Calling Inmates ‘Offenders’


Trump: Making radical right wingers relevant again

Seattle P.I.  
After the viaduct: More waterfront traffic
Federal judge won’t dismiss suit to protect Hanford worker safety