Washington State House Democrats


Wylie to serve as vice chair of Transportation Committee

OLYMPIA—The Columbia River Crossing bridge continues to be an unresolved contentious issue for people living in and around Vancouver and Portland. Rep. Sharon Wylie (D-49th LD) has previously worked with lawmakers both in her caucus as well as across the aisle on finding a solution that everyone on both sides of the river can live with. This biennium, Rep. Wylie will serve as one of three vice chairs of the Transportation Committee, which will give her a more hands on approach to tackle this problem, as well as address her constituents’ other transportation concerns.

“No issue is more critical to Southwest Washington’s economic health than our transportation infrastructure,” said Rep. Wylie. “Our delegation from the three connected districts 49, 17, and 18 have a history of regional collaboration prior to the CRC. We have transportation issues in each district that we will have to work together to solve. I am looking forward to working closely with my colleagues to address our local needs as well as to find a solution to the replacement of our I-5 Bridge which is of state and national importance.”

As one of the vice chairs of the House Transportation Committee, Wylie will be working directly with the committee chair, Rep. Judy Clibborn, on the transportation budget and revenue sources for funding, as well as on issues relating to transportation policy and agencies such as the Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol. The other two vice chairs are Rep. Jessyn Farrell and Rep. Jacob Fey.

“I have great respect and admiration for Chair Clibborn, who has been a great partner to our region. I am eager to tackle the challenges ahead and look forward to a closer working relationship serving the people of our state,” Wylie added.

This biennium Wylie was also assigned to the powerful Rules Committee, which takes a close look at all pieces of legislation reported from policy and fiscal committees and determines the bills and resolutions to be considered on the floor of the House.

Rep. Wylie will continue serving on the Finance Committee, which considers issues relating to state and local revenues, such as increases or decreases in taxes and tax exemptions; the Technology and Economic Development Committee, which considers issues relating to technology and electronic communications, small business assistance, business financing, development of industry clusters, international trade and technology-driven jobs, as well as issues related to renewable energy standards and energy availability, production and conservation.