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Rep. Pellicciotti seeks to close lobbying “revolving door”

OLYMPIA – In an effort to stop elected and high-ranking government officials from immediately entering into corporate lobbying firms, Rep. Mike Pellicciotti (D-Federal Way) has proposed new legislation to stop this practice. The House bill he introduced this week would require a “cooling off” period of one year before government officials can become lobbyists. Currently, the law allows elected officials to become paid lobbyists immediately upon completion of their elected service.

“More than ever, we need to improve confidence in government,” Pellicciotti said. “The public should expect that their government is focused entirely on the public interest and not on securing corporate lobbying jobs.”

If passed, the measure would prohibit state officials and other high ranking employees from attempting to influence or lobby the state government for a year. It would also require the same group of employees to disclose particular employment activities over the same time frame.