Federal Way Representative Kristine Reeves seeks to connect rural veterans

OLYMPIA – Rural and remote veterans are often left behind when it comes to accessing services they have earned through their sacrifice for their country. For some, getting to a federal veteran service can be a major impediment. That is why State Representative Kristine Reeves (D-Federal Way) has introduced a new measure that would create a pilot program to connect veterans to community and regional programs.

“When a service member has completed their service and returns home, they might not always have the mobility or ability to access need VA programs for reintegration or health care. They’ve done their part and sacrificed for us—we need to take the extra step to make sure they can get the services and care they need,” said Reeves.

The pilot program would help the Department of Veterans Affairs to support partners who empower veterans to access existing federal services in rural and remote communities. These types of programs can increase access to earned federal services for veterans, without massive funding burdens on the state budget.

One county veterans’ assistance program or community partner will be chosen to pilot the program, and could include access to services such as accessing veterans’ benefits or other public services, mental health evaluation and treatment, substance abuse treatment, family counseling, children services, or transportation.