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Blake’s 3/6/2017 Update: Floor Action / Matthew E. Schlimme / Ducky’s Bill

Floor Action

If you stopped by or called my office last week, you probably heard that I was “on the floor.” It’s true and I fully admit that I will continue on the floor ’round the clock for a few more days. But don’t get the wrong idea, the “floor” is what we call the House Chamber where we debate and vote on bills.


After bills pass out of committee, they still need to be voted on by the full House to continue moving through the legislative process. The deadline for passing bills out of the House is this Wednesday, so we will be spending most of our time on the floor until then.

The floor activity report is a great place to see what is going on right this minute. You can look at the floor and suspension calendars to see the bills that have been passed, as well as the ones that are coming up.

Another great way to tune into floor action is by watching it on TVW. In addition to the TVW channel on your television, you can stream video online from the House and Senate floors, committee hearings, and other interesting public policy events. There is even an archive of footage going back to TVW’s earliest days.

Matthew E. Schlimme

I am sponsoring House Joint Memorial 4011 honoring Matthew E. Schlimme, who served in the United States Coast Guard from May 1993 until his tragic death in February 1997.

Petty Officer Schlimme was stationed in La Push at the Quillayute River Coast Guard Station, which is responsible for the areas from Cape Alava to Queets River, including the treacherous inlet at the mouth of the Quillayute River. Its boat crews are trained to conduct rescues in rough weather, and its personnel are trained to assist with emergency flood responses.


On February 12, 1997, shortly before one o’clock in the morning, the Station Quillayute River responded to a distress call from the sailing vessel Gale Runner, by launching two rescue boats. Petty Officer Schlimme was serving as a crew member aboard one of them.  On that Coast Guard motor lifeboat, he willingly entered extreme ocean storm conditions and lost his life while attempting to save the lives of the two people from the Gale Runner.

Petty Officer Schlimme demonstrated remarkable initiative, exceptional fortitude and daring in spite of imminent personal danger in this rescue. The President of the United States presented the Coast Guard Medal posthumously to Petty Officer Schlimme for extraordinary heroism, and for courage and devotion keeping with the highest tradition of the United States Coast Guard.

In this joint memorial, we are respectfully asking that the United States Coast Guard name a Coast Guard cutter in Petty Officer Schlimme’s honor. I look forward to continuing to honor his service and dedication.

Ducky’s Bill Wins House Approval

There’s good news on HB 1060, also known as Ducky’s Bill.  As you know, this bill is named after an Aberdeen student, affectionately known as Ducky, who suffers from seizure disorders but is able to go to school if treated by medical marijuana.


Because of strict rules regarding marijuana on school grounds, legislation is necessary to allow students to receive prescribed medical marijuana. Ducky’s family believes this bill can help her attend school full-time.

Every child should have the chance to take full advantage of what school has to offer, but Ducky and other kids with similar conditions do not always get that opportunity. This bill, which passed out of the House on March 3rd with bipartisan support, will help to correct that inequality.

I have witnessed what Ducky’s family is going through to enable her to get a good education. I look forward to seeing our legislation support students like Ducky so they can learn and grow just like their classmates.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. If you have any questions on these or any other legislative issues, please call my office. And if you have ideas, comments or feedback, those are also welcome.

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