Washington State House Democrats


Legislative Update from Olympia

Dear Friends and Neighbors, We appreciate all of you who have come down to Olympia. It helps me keep in touch with how things look to all of you at… READ MORE

Federal budget cuts could hit close to home

Have you been wondering how “sequestration” might affect us here at home? Unless Congress takes action soon, federal sequestration budget cuts will take effect March 1. While programs like Social… READ MORE

Tarleton speaks on the importance of GET

Representative Tarleton gave her first floor speech as a member of the House in support of HB 1043, a key piece of legislation needed to save the Guaranteed Education Tuition… READ MORE

The future of GET

uw, college students

This is a critical week regarding the future of the GUARANTEED EDUCATION TUITION (GET) program and higher education in general. The GET program faces some fiscal challenges ahead. But rather… READ MORE