Washington State House Democrats


HB 2678 – Cybercrime

February 8, 2018 HB 2678 was approved by the House of Representatives today by a strong bipartisan vote – 97-1. It now goes to the Senate for consideration with 28… READ MORE

HB 2609 – Distilleries

February 12, 2018 HB 2609 was pulled to the floor calendar. This means it could receive a vote of the full House of Representatives as early as today. It will… READ MORE

HB 2402 – Energy Independence Act

  March 8, 2018 HB 2402 did not receive a vote in the House before we adjourned for the year. I’m glad to see significant climate legislation made it through… READ MORE

Embracing innovation in the maritime industry

On Tuesday I joined with Governor Inslee to launch “Maritime Blue,” a new initiative to transform our maritime economy for a clean-energy future. I will co-chair the Maritime Innovation Council… READ MORE