Rep. Chapman’s Floor remarks on crab meat safety, HB 1508

Floor remarks by Rep. Mike Chapman, D-Port Angeles, on the passage of his House Bill 1508. Last session, the House unanimously passed this measure but it didn’t move further, so it was reintroduced this year and last week it was sent to the Senate, once again, with the full support of the House. The bill removes the Washington State Department of Health’s limits regulating the health and safety of commercially harvested crab regarding contamination by a naturally occurring biotoxin. When domoic acid is consumed by humans, it can be harmful and even be fatal. But it is not found in all crabs and when it is present, it’s generally not in all of the crab’s meat; the legs are not affected and can be consumed safely. This bill allows for crab legs to go to market, which is good for the economy and good for everyone who enjoys Dungeness crab!