Rep. Laurie Dolan statement on Gov. Inslee’s school safety and student well-being budget proposal

Rep. Laurie Dolan (D-Olympia), vice chair of the House Education Committee and member of the Appropriations Committee released the following statement on Gov. Inslee’s budget proposal for school safety and student well-being.

“Students need to be safe in schools, and they need to feel safe in schools. As the gun violence and suicide public health crises continue in America and our schools, it is critical that we build upon legislation passed in 2019 by fully funding behavioral and mental health support and safety coordination staff in each Educational Service District. The Governor’s proposal gets us closer to full funding, and as a member of the budget-writing Appropriations Committee, I’ll push my colleagues to finish the job by fully funding the school safety and behavioral and mental health supports that students need to succeed.

I appreciate Governor Inslee including investments in school safety and student mental health in his supplemental budget proposal. His proposal gives the legislature a strong starting point to continue our efforts to give students the mental health and behavioral supports they need to succeed in safe academic environments.”