Rep. Fitzgibbon’s statement on ferrying funding coming to WSF

I am excited to hear the news that Senator Patty Murray was successful in securing up to $20 million in annual ferry funding.

The demand for ferry services has risen over the years but unfortunately, the funding needed to meet that demand hasn’t kept up.

Our ferry system is the largest in the country carrying over 23 million riders per year. Maintaining a healthy ferry system is just as critical as ensuring motorists can cross Lake Washington on Highway 520 and the Cascades on I-90.

Not only will these dollars help address many of the problems of our aging fleet, but they’ll also create jobs and help grow the local economy.”

We’re currently building two new 144-car ferries that will improve the reliability, safety, and efficiency of central Puget Sound routes including the Vashon-Fauntleroy route. This funding will help the building process and ensure the boats are well-maintained and service isn’t cut.”