Rep. Fitzgibbon named Legislator of the Year by Washington Conservation Voters

Earlier this week, Washington Conservation Voters recognized Representative Joe Fitzgibbon for his leadership on environmental issues by awarding him with their highest award, naming him the 2015 “Legislator of the Year.” Washington Conservation Voters is a statewide advocacy organization dedicated to advancing environmental issues.

WCV is honoring Rep. Fitzgibbon for being a strong environmental leader in the state and specifically for his work during the 2015 legislative session.

“Washington citizens are better off due to his untiring dedication to tackle global warming pollution and ensure that polluters pay for the harm imposed on the citizens of this state, said Joan Crooks, CEO of Washington Conservation Voters in a statement released on Monday. “He’s an environmental champion and as the state looks to lead the nation in addressing carbon pollution, we’re excited he’s on our team.”

“I’m honored to receive this recognition from my friends and allies at Washington Conservation Voters. We have much more work to do together in the years ahead in order to secure a safe climate and clean air and water for current and future generations,” said Representative Joe Fitzgibbon.

This year, Fitzgibbon brought together a range of groups from social justice to business groups to shape the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act. The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act, if passed, would have curbed carbon emissions in a thoughtful, just and equitable manner.

Additionally, Rep. Fitzgibbon worked on oil transportation safety, making sure our communities and our waterways are prepared and protected from the oil that is transported in Washington. He also continued his work to keep toxic chemicals out of our homes and our waterways.

The environmental gains made over the past decades, including I-937, the Clean Energy Initiative, are under near-constant threat. Representative Fitzgibbon excels at the often overlooked task of protecting the existing laws and regulations that are already in place to clean up and protect our environment.

“Joe is arguably more willing to take political risks to tackle global warming pollution than any other Member of the Legislature. He is the institution’s fiercest fighter when it comes to battling the fossil fuel industry in order to reduce carbon pollution and protect our environment”, WCV State Lobbyist Clifford Traisman said in the release.