COVID-19 Resources

As this is an election year, there are ethics laws that place restrictions on my communications to prevent the use of state resources for election purposes. These restrictions include a freeze on mass email updates such as this one, as well as to my other legislative communication tools, including my website and Facebook page. That means no new content can be added beginning May 11, 2020 until after the general election in November. However, I am still able to respond to constituent communications, so if you have questions or comments about legislative issues or need help connecting to resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact me.

Because this will likely be my final communication to you all in this format, I wanted to provide a list of the COVID-19 resources out there that can be helpful to you during this time. I’ve broken them down in categories so you can find what you are looking for without hunting through the entire list.

I sent out a message on a postcard in late March that you may have received, but if not, I’ve also shared that below. My message remains the same: If you need help navigating resources or are having trouble finding information, please contact me via email and I will be happy to assist.

Finally: God willing, the worst is past us now. But the Secretary of Health and the other infectious disease professionals advising the Governor continue to warn us that our current progress is precarious. We’ve come this far not only because of the sound decisions of Governor Inslee but because the people in this state overwhelmingly acted responsibly—we followed the public health orders and we stayed home when we could. People in this state sacrificed a lot—some more than others—to get us to this point, and we don’t want to go back now. I want to reopen everything in the state as soon as it’s safe, and I’ve been in close contact with the Governor’s office (including this week) trying to speed up reopening with proper safety precautions. But let’s not lose the progress that has been so costly to achieve: stay home if you can, check in on your neighbors (especially ones who are older or not in great health), and let’s get this virus beaten back so we can get everyone back to work again.

Take care of yourself as we navigate this storm together.


COVID-19 Resources


How to file for unemployment benefits

Unemployment information for self-employed or independent contractors

Checklist for expanded unemployment benefits (also known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistance)



The Paycheck Protection Program – SBA loans for workforce employed during COVID-19 pandemic

Economic Impact Payments provided by the federal CARES Act

State and County Business Resources

Business Insurance Frequently Asked Questions



WA Department of Health COVID-19 website with data dashboard

WA Office of the Insurance Commissioner Coronavirus and Health Insurance website

Washington’s Paid Family & Medical Leave program



COVID-19 Resources from the Department of Children, Youth & Families

Guidance from the Department of Health for childcare providers



School Closures Q&A

COVID-19 in Schools: A Parent Guide (English) (Spanish)

Guidance for School Districts

Information about school meals

Resources for continuous learning during school closures

Special Education Guidance for COVID-19


Higher Education

Washington Student Achievement Council COVID-19 Resources

Student loan forbearance from the federal government


How to help

WA Mask Challenge

The WA Food Fund



Drive-In Wi-Fi Hotspots

Washington’s Safe Start Plan