Drew in the News

Below are links to stories you might find interesting featuring Rep. Drew Hansen.

The Public Broadband Act

News Tribune: New law could make it easier to bring broadband internet to the Key Peninsula

GeekWire: Washington state governor expected to sign new bill ending prohibition on municipal broadband

TechDirt: Washington State Votes To Kill Law That Restricted Community Broadband

Vice: Washington State Votes to End Restrictions On Community Broadband

Ars Technica: Victory for municipal broadband as Wash. state lawmakers end restrictions

GeekWire: Dueling public broadband bills make their way through Washington state legislature

The Stranger: Pass the Public Option for Broadband

Gee and Ursula Show: Washington lawmaker says letting government offer internet ‘gives us another option’

Community Networks: Washington Law Could Unleash the Power of Utility Districts to Offer Retail Broadband Services

KING 5: Push for municipal broadband, as pandemic highlights lack of internet access in rural Washington 

Geekwire: In a world of ‘remote everything,’ Washington state sees new push for public broadband networks

The Daily Chronicle: Broad Lewis County Coalition Supports Bill to Get Internet From PUDs

The Kitsap Sun: ‘A basic requirement for modern life’: Hansen bill seeks to bolster broadband rollout

Columbia Basin Herald: PUDs may offer services directly to customers if bill passes

The Worker Protection Act

The Stranger: Wage Theft Is a Massive Problem. Here’s What Washington Can Do About It.

The Stranger: Major Worker Protection Bill Narrowly Passes Committee, Will Likely Head to the House Floor

College Tuition/Workforce Education Investment Act:

New York Times: Washington State Moves Toward Free and Reduced College Tuition, With Businesses Footing the Bill

Washington Post: Free college? Actually, some states are already offering it to students.

Central Point of Contact Background Checks:

Seattle Times: Washington House OKs bill to centralize gun background checks

Seattle Times: Washington needs centralized system for gun-buyer background checks, state report says

Net neutrality:

Geekwire: What California’s net neutrality battle with DOJ means for Washington and other states with open internet laws

Q13 Fox: Net neutrality is dead, Washington state aims to bring it back to life

Arstechnica: Why the first state with a net neutrality law isn’t scared of lawsuits

Fast Company: The Next Battle Between States And The Feds Is Over Your Personal Data

Fast Company: Washington just passed the country’s toughest net neutrality legislation

Fast Company: The Net Neutrality Defender Fighting Trump From The Other Washington

Seattle Times: Washington leaders, keep up the fight to restore net neutrality

Seattle Times: Net-neutrality bill sails through the Senate; now headed to Gov. Jay Inslee

Geek Wire: It’s official: Washington governor signs landmark net neutrality bill into law

Geek Wire: Washington becomes first state in the nation to pass net neutrality regulations in defiance of FCC

KEXP: Update: Net Neutrality and Nonprofit Media

New York Times: States push back after net neutrality repeal

KING 5: New bill could save net neutrality in Washington

Kitsap Sun: Local lawmakers line up bills for 2018 session

The Stranger: A new bill could help protect the open Internet in Washington state even if net neutrality gets repealed

Geek Wire: Here’s what Washington state’s legally contentious net neutrality bill looks like up close

Higher education:

Kitsap Sun: Four-year early childhood degree to be offered in Kitsap

Seattle Times: Proposals in Olympia would erase gap in aid for state’s low-income college students

Tacoma News Tribune: Washington lawmakers split on clearing financial aid waiting list for low-income students

Kitsap Sun: House Democrats propose expanding higher ed in Kitsap

KNKX: Bill would open scholarships to some undocumented students in Washington

The Stranger: WA legislators re-introduce bill to protect DREAMers from losing financial aid

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