Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley is a mother, educator, wife, and neighbor here in the 37th Legislative District (LD). She was first elected to the legislature in 2020 and serves on the Children, Youth & Families (vice chair); Environment & Energy; and Finance Committees.

She has lived in the 37th LD since 2004, and it was here in the Rainier Valley where she found her voice for activism. She and her husband Jason are proud to raise their two children in Hillman City; as there is no place they’d rather call home. The 37th is a place where people live with a sense of authenticity and purpose, and where we all work together and support each other. And that is what we need to make change in this moment.

Rep. Harris-Talley has spent over 20 years building powerful movements for change in our region and statewide. From philanthropy, to nonprofit work, reproductive rights, and housing justice. The more she worked for and with our communities, the more she saw that our basic needs not being met. As a legislator she is committed to bringing community power and meaningful representation on the state level to solve the biggest issues in our district, including the urgent need for:

  • Affordable housing and renter protections
  • Clean air, water, and soil with a Green New Deal
  • Frequent, accessible, and affordable public transportation infrastructure
  • Thriving community, cultural, and civic centers
  • An equitable economy that invests in local jobs and small businesses – not just multinational corporations
  • Tax relief for working families and equitable, progressive taxation
  • Well-funded schools that retain well-paid teachers and reflect the diversity of our communities
  • An end to incarceration and over-policing
  • Access to grocery stores and sustainable foods

Washington State is by many measures a wealthy state with a lot of resources. But there is abundance for some, and not for others. It’s time we work together to change that and ensure that everyone is healthy and cared for. The way we do that is by organizing together and listening to those most impacted by our economic forces. Rep. Harris-Talley not afraid to lead with courage and humility and try things in new ways.

Washington State can be a place where when people hit a hard time, there’s a safety net to catch them and outstretched hands to help them back up. Together, we can build a Washington State where everyone gets their needs met, and people can experience genuine freedom. The freedom to take care of themselves and their families while not panicking about one late bill or a rent increase the next month. Rep. Harris-Talley is excited to get to work with you and all our neighbors to make the change we deserve.