E-Newsletter: Deadly force initiative signed into law

Deadly force initiative signed into law by Gov. Inslee

1064 bill signing

I-940 was the first bill signed into law by Gov. Inslee this session. I am glad that this voter led initiative was passed with legislative accountability. We should make sure that the victims of violence continue to have pathways to justice. See myremarks on the House floor on TVW, or read more about I-940 here.

Continuing to expand ‘Access to Democracy’

Access to Democray

For the past several weeks the House Committee on State Government and Tribal Relations heard a number of bills aimed at expanding voting rights. Highlights from this week include, HB 1063, which would allow 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the time of the general election to vote in primary elections. See students testify on TVW, and read more about ‘Access to Democracy’ legislative wins.

Protecting privacy in the digital age

Hudgins in Committee

As Chair of the House Committee on Innovation, Technology and Economic Development, I am committed to keeping your private information safe from cyber attacks. Over the past few weeks, this committee has been hearing bills aimed at protecting your consumer data. Watch testimony on the Washington Privacy Act on TVW. 

Thank you for reading this legislative update. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

In Service,

Rep. Zack Hudgins