E-newsletter: Who has the right to repair?

Session Week Seven Update: Policy and fiscal cutoff

Snow day

We have reached fiscal cutoff. With hundreds of bills introduced each session, it can be a challenge keeping the process on track. Cutoff dates are self-imposed deadlines that our part time Legislature agrees to meet. This focuses our consideration at each stage of the legislative session. Many bills are introduced during the session, but remember not all bills will become law.

Long Term Care Trust Act, smoking prevention pass House

Hudgins, Reeves

Last week I voted to pass two bills off the floor. The Long Term Care Trust Act would help give families breathing room by creating a new social insurance program that would help with long-term care costs for seniors. We also passed smoking prevention, which would prevent youth smoking.

Who has the ‘right to repair’?

right to repair

Building on legislation introduced last session, HB 1342would require electronics manufacturers to make devices easier to repair. Many people only have access to the secondary market, and items like phones or tablets, should be treated like cars when it comes to fixing them. Watch the public hearing on TVW. 

The Legislature celebrates our annual Children’s Day

Rep. Mead

Children are tomorrow’s future, which is why each year members of the House and Senate are invited to bring our youngest members of the public to visit as a reminder. This year, I was joined by my son, a student from Tukwila Public Schools. Take a look at this speech from my colleague and new dad, Rep. Jared Mead,(D-Mill Creek) on TVW. 

Washington could play a larger role in national elections

Presidential primaries

We could soon have a bigger stake in presidential primaries with HB 1310. If passed, this legislation would move up the date of the primary from May to early March, with the intent of giving Washington voters a larger role in choosing the nominee. This is a follow up to last year’s Access to Democracy package, as our primary has fallen after the presumptive nominees have been selected. This could also shift party delegate selection away from caucuses to the primary nomination process.

Update: Expanding broadband statewide moves one step closer


Efforts to expand broadband access across all communities in our state gained traction last week with passage of HB 1498 out of the House Committee on Innovation, Technology and Economic Development. This bill could make serious improvements for education, jobs and health care for our rural communities. It is a step in the right direction.

Rep. Zack Hudgins