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Mini town hall: Wrap up and thank you

Mini Town Hall

Along with Rep. Steve Bergquist, I enjoyed meeting and talking with constituents at our last mini town hall in Tukwila. This smaller forum really allows me to connect with individual people about their concerns and stories.

I was able to talk with a young father about his concern around several gun bills being considered. He was worried about any impacts to gun magazine size and restrictions on AR-15 weapons. I was able to offer him context about why we are considering gun violence prevention legislation this session. For many years, the Legislature hasn’t really discussed policies around guns in depth. However, with more public shootings and community concerns about gun laws, we are looking for policy solutions that are reasonable and can be agreed to within the confines of Constitutional protections.

Mini Town Hall

I also spoke with a woman who was struggling with a family member’s mental illness and her transition out of homelessness. She has dual master’s degrees in social work and English and we traded James Joyce and Franz Kafka references (my liberal arts education pays off again!). Behavioral health and homelessness are two of the most prominent issues Washington is facing. We are going to build on the hundreds of millions of dollars of public investments the Legislature has made in these areas over the last few years. There are no simple answers to these challenges, but we will continue to work on solving these issues.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our mini town halls. Keep your eyes out for future events.

Focusing on equity in Washington state

Gregerson Hudgins

We have come a long way since Dr. King voiced his dream for a more just America, however systemic inequalities still exist. Last month on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the House voted for equality for all people by passing legislation to create the nation’s first ‘Office of Equity’ (House Bill 1783) to help reduce systemic disparities in Washington state.. Too many people are being left behind. I am proud to say that Washington is leading the nation in bringing Dr. King’s vision of equality, opportunity and fairness for all people to reality. This focus is evident with my Committee work on digital equity (House Bill 2415) and my sponsorship of a bill to create the Washington Civil Rights Trail (House Bill 2899). Read more about the Office of Equity in the Kent Reporter. Read more in the Kent Reporter.

Modernizing our state election system


Everyday hackers from outside our country target Washington’s election system. It’s critical that we take steps to guard against foreign actors who aim to undermine the integrity of our electoral system. Thankfully, any attempts to harm our election security have been unsuccessful.

I continue to work on election issues this year. Last week, the House passed bipartisan election security legislation to ensure that our state Attorney General, Chief Information Officer and Secretary of State are consulting with county auditors to identify instances of security breaches in elections systems and data and determine whether the source of any breaches are foreign or domestic entities. It also requires the Secretary of State to report to the Legislature when security breaches happen and give options to increase the security of our elections systems. Learn more about Washington’s election security system on the Secretary of State’s website.

Zack on TVW’s the Impact: Privacy policy legislation

The Impact

As the Chair of the Innovation, Technology and Economic Development committee in the House, I lead many discussions on the biggest technology issues impacting the people of Washington. In January, along with Rep. Norma Smith, I took some time to talk with TVW’s Mike McClanahan about the issue of data privacy. Watch the Impact on TVW.

Protecting our environment and creating green jobs

clean energy

This session, the House passed legislation to protect our environment and create more clean energy jobs. Nearly half of Washington state’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the transportation sector. Implementing a clean fuels standard would deliver the triple win of protecting our climate, cleaning our air, and growing clean energy jobs. The program is similar to ones in California, Oregon, and British Columbia that have seen huge success for air quality and the environment. Learn more in the U.S. News and Report.

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