Speaker Laurie Jinkins Opening Day remarks – 1/11/2021

Speaker Laurie Jinkins
Opening Day Remarks
2021 Legislative Session

Washingtonians . . . Members of the House,

We are in the hardest of times.

Hard for Washington families,
for our businesses,
for our teachers and students,
for those most in need,
and for those hurt by systemic racism.

Hard for those committed to our representative democracy.

But in these hard times,
Hope is on the horizon.
Hope because of vaccines.
Hope because public health workers never rest.

Hope because people are wearing masks, social distancing,
and applying innovation to everything they do.

Hope because our representative democracy was put to the test of sedition last week and resisted it, showing our weakness, but, more importantly, our strength.

Our job for every minute of the next 105 days
is to not just keep hope alive for the people of our great state,
but to make hope a reality.

So, let’s start working right now,
and all session long,
to deliver that hope,
and turn these hardest of times
into a recovery that is equitable,

That is inclusive,

and, that is sustainable.

Let’s get to work.