Oil Trains, Lifting Kids out of Poverty, & Fixing Taxes for the Middle Class

Is that an oil train in your backyard?

The recent oil train derailment in West Virginia has left many of us wondering whether trains carrying oil are passing through our backyards. The Center for Biological Diversity has an interactive map of oil train routes in the United States. As you can see from the map, oil trains are running right through our district. Each of these routes could potentially be the site of a tragic oil train derailment.

Click on the map to see if you live next to an oil train route

The number of oil trains passing through Washington has dramatically increased in the last few years and the regulations of the oil and train companies are lagging behind. My colleague, Representative Farrell, introduced House Bill 1449 to protect first responders and our communities by providing resources to both prevent and in a worst case scenario, mitigate the damage from an oil train disaster.


Social Programs Lift Kids out of Poverty

We know there’s a direct link between poverty and education. Education is our paramount duty, but it is not our only duty. We have a moral obligation to ensure all students are ready to learn when they show up to school. Sick, hungry, and homeless kids are not ready to learn. We must do everything we can to lift kids and families out of poverty.

Keep this in mind anytime you hear “Fund education first.” Under a fund education first plan, none of Washington’s 32,494 homeless kids will have stable and secure housing. Under a fund education first plan, none of Washington’s 305,000 food insecure kids will receive nutritious meals on a regular basis.



Outdated and Unfair — Talking Taxes in Washington

Finance Chair Reuven Carlyle explains the state’s’ tax structure.

USA Today recently reported that Washington had “by far the most regressive tax system nationwide.” In the video above, my colleague, Rep. Reuven Carlyle, outlines Washington’s broken and regressive tax structure, and explains how Washington’s high reliance on a sales tax has placed an unfair tax burden on its poorest citizens. Our system isn’t working, and it’s unfair to the middle class. According to the data in the USA Today story, the poorest 20% of Washington families pay nearly 17% of their income in state and local taxes, while the wealthiest 1% in Washington pay just 2.4% — “one of the highest such ratios nationwide.”

Watch the video here.


Capitol Visits


Where in the “Great 28th”?

The results from last photo scavenger hunt:

Location 1) The ‘elongated seahorses’ are on the apartment building near 6th & Jackson in Tacoma

Location 2) Lefty’s at 27th & Grandview

Here are some new locations to scout out:

Location 1

Location 2





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