Rep. Melanie Morgan appointed to governor’s equity task force

OLYMPIA – State Rep. Melanie Morgan (D-Parkland) was recently appointed to the newly-created Office of Equity Task Force by Acting Speaker of the House John Lovick.

The task force was established by the Governor’s Interagency Coordinating Council on Health Disparities, pursuant to the 2019-2021 state operating budget. It is charged with developing a proposal for an Office of Equity within the Governor’s Office.

The purpose of an Office of Equity is to promote access to equitable opportunities and resources that reduce disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, and improve outcomes statewide across all sectors of state government.

“As a former school board director, I made equity my focus in public education. I’m pleased to able to continue this focus as a legislator,” Morgan said. “I’m reminded of the quote, ‘The system cannot fail those it was not meant to protect.’ Establishing an Office of Equity will help ensure our state agencies do not fail some people because of disproportionate barriers or unfair policies.”

The task force must submit a preliminary report with recommendations to the governor and legislature by December 15, 2019, and a final proposal by July 1, 2020.