Last Newsletter for a while: Election Year Restrictions

Dear friends and neighbors,

I hope you are doing well and getting ready for summer. I want to take this opportunity to let you know that during an election year, there are certain restrictions (RCW 42.52 180 & 185) on my communications to ensure state resources are not used for election purposes. Watch the video below for a quick overview of what this entails:

Ortiz Self eya

These restrictions include a freeze on mass email updates such as this one, as well as to my legislative website and my official Facebook page – meaning no new content can be added beginning May 16, 2022 until after the general election is certified in November.

However, I am your representative year ‘round regardless of these restrictions and I am here to help you. Since I am still able to respond to constituent communications, if you have questions or comments about legislative issues or need help connecting to resources, please reach out to me. You can call my office at 360-786-7972 or send me an email at

Virtual Town Hall Video

My seatmates and I held a virtual town hall a few weeks ago, thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us. Answering your questions and addressing the concerns you brought up is central to our work as we represent your interests in Olympia and I always welcome any feedback you may have.  If you missed it and are interested in knowing what we talked about, we have a recording of the full event:

21st VTH video

Newsletters, Updates & Videos

As you know, this year’s legislative session adjourned on March 10, and a week later Rep. Strom Peterson and I sent out a joint e-newsletter focused on the budgets and key investments made this year:

21st budgets edition

More recently, Sen. Marko Liias, Rep. Strom Peterson and I mailed out our Session Report to thousands of households across the 21st district. It again touched briefly on the budgets and district projects, but focused more on our bills and on other important policy work in the committees in which each of us serves:

21st Mailer click here

As mentioned earlier, this will be my last newsletter for a while and although my website won’t be updated for a few months, it will remain up and the content referenced here, as well as previous e-newsletters and video updates, will be there for easy reference.

Keep in Touch!

As always, I deeply appreciate your welcoming my legislative updates and I encourage you to contact me anytime. Both, Israel, my Legislative Assistant, and I will do our best to help in any way we can.

Thank you again and have a great summer!

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