E-Newsletter: Corporate Crime Act passes House

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Here is this week’s legislative update from Olympia.

Update: Corporate Crime Act passes House

Pellicciotti floor speech

As a former prosecutor of corporate fraud, I know there is a need to update our laws to better hold powerful interests accountable. On Thursday, my Corporate Crime Act (HB 1252) passed the House of Representatives.

Current penalties have not been updated since 1925, before our Capitol building was built. The Corporate Crime Act that I introduced in the legislature would increase corporate criminal penalties by 100 times.

It is past time the legislature hold corporate entities accountable when they violate the law. Corporations should not get slaps on the wrist for committing crimes that would send a person to up to life in prison.The bill penalizes corporations up to $1,000,000 for serious crimes. Current law caps corporate criminal fines at just $10,000 – regardless of the severity of the crime.

The Corporate Crime Act will now move to the Senate for Consideration.

Watch my remarks on the House floor on TWV.

Focusing on local needs

Pellicciotti in Committee

Last session, I secured funding to quantify the impacts of air traffic in our region.

This year, I am introducing legislation, HB 1864, which seeks to make our community for the first time eligible for any future airport mitigation dollars dedicated to our region. The bill was heard by the House Local Government Committee this morning.

I am also co-sponsoring legislation to begin the process to relocate future air and cargo traffic to another airport in our state. This bill, HB 1683, would form a commission to review alternative sites for a new airport in order of reducing traffic in our area. I am a member of the House Transportation Committee, which heard this bill last week.

Finally, to ensure that all port elections around our state are not influenced by special interests, I am co-sponsoring legislation, HB 1375. It will ensure that all port elections must follow the same campaign limits that apply to all other elected positions in our state. I voted for this bill last week in the House State Government Committee, which I vice chair.

Holding sex traffickers accountable

Prior to working in Olympia, I prosecuted domestic violence and sex trafficking in South King County. It’s why I have repeatedly introduced legislation to hold traffickers accountable and provide services to trafficking survivors. These bills I have introduced in the House of Representatives include:

  • HB 1971, which would extend public program eligibility to survivors of trafficking.
  • HB 1382, which would provide prosecutorial immunity from the crime of prostitution for those who seek emergency assistance after being a victim of a violent crime. The bill was heard by the House Public Safety Committee last week.
  • HB 1383, which would for the first time hold buyers of sex more accountable under the law then those they are buying. The bill was heard by the House Public Safety Committee last week.

Seeing the future of our region

I had the opportunity to join Rep. Kristine Reeves and Sen. Claire Wilson in welcoming Federal Way’s Advancing Leadership Youth program to Olympia. I was impressed with their questions and their commitment to being the future of Federal Way and our region.

Federal Way Students

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance.

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Rep. Mike Pellicciotti