E-Newsletter: 30th LD Town Hall, March 23

Dear neighbors,

I wanted to give you a quick update and invite you to my next town hall in Federal Way.

Being heard on airplane noise

The impact of airplane traffic overhead remains a top issue for many in our region. While this is generally a federal issue, I have been doing all I can to make sure that our state laws are written to serve our region’s interests on this issue.

My legislation, House Bill 1847, which expands future potential air impact mitigation zones to include parts of Federal Way and Milton for the first time passed the House of Representatives last week, and was heard this past week in the Senate Committee on Local Government.

This bill is in addition to my operating budget proviso that I introduced this week to continue to view the impacts of air traffic over our communities, and House Bill 1683/Senate Bill 5370, which I am co-sponsoring to encourage the expansion of future commercial and cargo air traffic to airports in Everett and Moses Lake. This airport-siting legislation passed the Senate and will soon be in the House Transportation Committee where the bill passed in a similar form earlier this month.

Moving legislation through Olympia

In addition to airport noise reduction, the House of Representatives passed several more of my bills off the House floor. These bills are now being considered in the Senate:

  • Corporate Crime Act: House Bill 1252 dusts off old statues that haven’t been updated since 1925. My bill increases corporate penalties by 100 times. The bill passed off the House floor unanimously and on Thursday passed by the Senate Committee on Law and Justice.
  • Greater campaign finance transparency: We need better transparency in our political system. My bill, HB 1379, requires political action committees (PACs) to no longer hide their donors from voters on political mailers. This legislation passed off the House floor 91 – 5, and is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on State Government, Tribal Relations and Elections on March 20.
  • Equal access to education: With the federal government working to change federal Title IX rules that are meant to prohibit sex discrimination and protect victims of sexual assault and harassment in educational settings, I have introduced legislation, HB 1998, that seeks to protect these Title IX protections in our state. My bill passed unanimously off the House floor, and is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development.
  • Worker safety: When utility workers are assaulted while doing their job, it impacts the utility grid and our ability to connect seniors, emergency personnel, and others with critical utility services. The courts should be able to consider this greater impact to society when finding the appropriate sentence for those who assault utility workers. My bill, HB 1380, creates a sentencing aggravating factor for those who disrupt our power grid when they assault utility workers on the job. It is currently scheduled for a hearing on March 21 in the Senate Committee on Law and Justice.
  • Supporting trafficking survivors: Sex trafficking is a crime rooted in exploitation, and too often victims do not come forward due to fear of prosecution. As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I know that these statues need to be updated to better support victims of these crimes. House Bill 1382 would ensure that violent crime victims who come forward are not prosecuted for prostitution-related crimes. House Bill 1382 would for the first time hold buyers of sex more accountable under the law than those they are buying. Both pieces of legislation passed House unanimously. They are under consideration in the Senate Committee on Law and Justice. Another bill I am sponsoring with Sen. Saldana, HB 1971/SB5164, provides greater benefits to trafficking survivors. It passed the Senate and will soon be heard in the House.

Thank you for reading my newsletter. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance.

Rep. Mike Pellicciotti