Your 40th District Team


Sen. Lovelett, Rep. Lekanoff, & Rep. Ramel standing next to each other in the Legislative Building

One of the real privileges of representing the 40th District is the opportunity to serve alongside Representative Lekanoff and Senator Lovelett. I’ve been able to benefit from the experience they bring and the information they have gathered by talking with all of you and they have generously shared their time and insights.

The three of us have regular meetings to ensure that we are coordinating on issues that impact the district, like funding schools impacted by the levy cap, the construction (Capital) budget, and strategies to confront our affordable housing crisis.

Although both Liz and Debra were new to the legislature themselves last year, it’s clear that their hard work and talent made an early impression on other leaders in Olympia; their voices are well regarded and our community is well served. It’s a real joy to get to work with people who I admire this much.