We still have FIVE bills alive!

Dear friends and neighbors,  

It’s hard to believe it’s already February! We’re almost halfway through session and I can report that we’ve already considered dozens of bills and significant investments in our community that will benefit us all. We’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m looking at all of the energy that advocates, legislators, and everyday folks have for the issues before us. If we come together to move forward, then we will see those benefits pay off. Below are updates on the FIVE bills that I’m leading and are still alive! 

Just last week, my bill to provide grants to small businesses immediately after a natural disaster passed off the House floor 96-0. This bipartisan bill will hopefully be followed by the similar program that I sponsored for farmers.  This is one part of the work we are doing to tackle short, mid- and long-term solutions to prevent the worst effects of flooding. We will continue to advocate for more funding to repair the damage and prepare for the next flooding event.  


When kids learn outside, they learn with and from nature. They learn biology from plant leaves turning colors and math from calculating the angle of the sun in the sky. It’s healing to them, and to the environment they come to understand. That’s why I sponsored HB 2078 to promote more outdoor education. This bill is scheduled to be voted on in House Appropriations today and I will be fighting hard to get it to the Governor’s desk this session. 


 Children’s mental health has been declining for years and the pandemic really exacerbated the issue. Teachers, parents, and counselors have made heroic efforts to support kids in these challenging times. But they can’t do it alone. We need the support of nurses and counselors in every school to promote healthy mental and physical growth from the very beginning. My bill would ensure that every public school have at least one nurse and one counselor. This bill will hopefully be considered on the floor this week. 

I also have a bill to ensure youth going through dependency court receive the same services as other youth so they have resources and consistency while family life is in flux (HB 1955). And that isn’t all. I’m hard at work fighting for funding in the budget for projects, construction and jobs in our community. Stay tuned for updates on that in a few weeks.  

Well wishes to you and your family,