38th Legislative District Update: Capital and Transportation Budgets

In a previous e-newsletter, we provided information about the House operating budget proposal. You can read that here. This week we are turning our attention to the capital and transportation budgets.

Capital Budget Highlights

The House Capital Budget proposal, which we passed out of the House last week, totals $4.6 billion with $3.1 billion in projects funded with bond revenue. It makes large investments in every corner of the state, such as $1.1 billion for public schools, which includes $60 million for rural and distressed schools; $927 million for public colleges and universities; $30 million for rural broadband internet access; $155 million for affordable housing; $463 million to help salmon and orcas; and $117 million for community behavioral health facilities. These projects will help address many of the pressing issues we are facing, while also putting people to work all over Washington.

The budget proposes investing over $63 million for projects in the 38th district. These are some of them:

  • Asarco cleanup: The Asarco smelter has been gone for years, but soil around the area remains contaminated. Proposed funding will finally help clean up the yards of people living in the Delta neighborhood. Additionally, there is funding to finish cleanup at the Port. You can read more about this problem and the funding in this recent Everett Herald article.
  • Cedar Field improvements: There is funding proposed for the Cedar Field facility in Marysville. The improvements will include upgrading turf and lighting giving more people the opportunity to play longer.
  • Imagine Children’s Museum: The capital budget proposed by the House includes funding for the Imagine Children’s Museum to expand so this already great facility can better serve the children and families in our communities.
  • Behavioral health and substance use disorders: Many of you have reached out to us with concerns about the impact that inadequate mental health services and the opioid epidemic are having on our region. The capital budget that passed the House includes funding for increased behavioral health services at Providence Hospital and substance use treatment beds in some of the unused space at the Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

For more information about these projects and the many other projects in our area, go to the capital projects list by district interactive page. Be sure to select the “House Floor (4/3/2019)” version, choose the 38th District from the drop-down menu, and then click “View Report.”

Transportation Budget Highlights

The $10 billion transportation budget proposed by House Democrats makes investments in each part of the state to get people where they need to be and get goods shipped around the world. It includes major funding to remove fish-barriers on state roads as part of the broader solution to helping our struggling orca population.

The more than $360 million allotted for projects that are in or go through the 38th district will continue funding existing projects and start some new ones. Here are a few highlights:

  • Swift Bus Rapid Transit: The second Swift route – the Green Line from Canyon Park Bothell to Paine Field – recently started running. Proposed funding will pay for thirteen buses to help move an additional 3,300 passengers each weekday along this east-west route.
  • North Broadway Overpass Planning: This project will fund the planning phase of a pedestrian bridge to connect the existing Everett Community College campus on the west side of N. Broadway with its expanding campus on the east side of N. Broadway. The east side of campus already includes a 95,000 square foot academic building that houses WSU Everett and the Everett University Center, as well as EvCC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Technical Education Center.

For more information on projects in our area, check out the transportation projects lists by district interactive page. Be sure to select the “House Floor (03/29/2019)” version, choose the 38th District from the drop-down menu, and then click “View Report.”

If you need more information, or have questions, concerns or feedback, please contact our offices.


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