State Representative Mike Sells issued the following statement regarding Senator John McCoy’s retirement:

“The Herald header says “abruptly” but, knowing John, it was done thoughtfully. Leadership is shown in a number of ways. His leadership style was quiet, thoughtful and got results. I was honored to serve with John. Along with making sure constituents received needed support wherever he could, he reminded us of our responsibilities to and partnerships with the tribal nations of this state. ‘Spit shined‘ shoes and crew cut, with a bit of military bearing from his service in the USAF and in computer work at the Pentagon when I first met him because of his Tulalip tribal work, it undergirded his disciplined and deep desire to make life better for all of us. His record of economic development in Tulalip, followed by leadership in both the House and Senate on workforce education, K-12 education and transportation and, finally, as the Senate Democratic Majority Caucus chair, is something we will all miss. It is also something we can all build on. Most of all, I value his friendship and that of his wife Jeannie. That will transcend anything else. He has decided to move on from his years to service for all of us and I am grateful for having had the time together that we have had. I also know that I will continue to hear from him on the issues of the day.”