Senn statement on respecting holidays of faith and conscience

Today the House passed SB 5173, a bill that will provide employees two days of unpaid time off from work and allow children to be excused from school for their religious holidays.

 Aaron Barna“Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I was glad some of my colleagues were able to have the flexibility to celebrate and observe their faith.

“This bill will give the same flexibility to my kids—to all kids—to practice their religion with their families without concern they will be penalized. Every year during the Jewish High Holidays, all of us moms fear our children will miss a test or other important activity and not be given the opportunity to make it up.

“I don’t want to worry if my children will be penalized for observing religious tradition with their family.

“This legislation will ensure that students receive excused absences and have the ability to make up tests, assignments and other responsibilities if they miss a school day for a religious holiday.

“With this bill we are honoring all faith traditions.”