Child welfare: Continue federal home-visiting program funding

Rep. Senn’s first piece of legislation was highlighted in a recent Seattle Times Op-Ed. The piece highlights the benefits of early intervention in the lives of vulnerable youth.

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Letter to the Editor

We applaud King County Sheriff John Urquhart’s guest column “How visits to families with young children helps law enforcement” [Opinion, March 21]. As stated, home-visiting programs enhance public safety and save taxpayer dollars.

Losing federal funding — nearly $9 million — would be an incredible loss to families in our state. Not only do we support Urquhart’s stance on preserving funding, we also believe home visiting needs to be expanded to more families who are involved in the child welfare system.

Our state has made progress in the last few years. For example, ESHB 2519 links the new approach to child protective services, Family Assessment Response (FAR) with home visiting and other quality early learning programs. Bringing systems together on behalf of vulnerable children and families makes good sense, particularly when the potential for improving outcomes is so great.

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