‘Levy cliff’ fix passes!

Levy cliff update: It passed and is on to the Governor’s desk!

Wednesday night, the Senate finally passed their version of the “levy cliff bill,” sponsored by our own 41st Senator Lisa Wellman. While the Senate waited 45 days to act after the House’s quick passage of the same policy on January 23, we wasted no time to confirm the Senate’s bill the very next day.

The bill is now on its way to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

The passage of Sen. Wellman’s bill ensures that our school districts won’t lose out on millions of levy dollars this upcoming school year as the Legislature works on McCleary funding.

While this is a one-time fix, it is a critical one. It creates certainty for our schools’ budgets, our teachers and, therefore, our families.

Now that the Senate has seen the light, let’s get to the harder work of finding a long-term solution that finally fulfills our paramount duty of fully funding our public schools.


Rep. Tana Senn