State Representative Tana Senn’s (D-Mercer Island) statement regarding report on Rep. Matt Shea

Washington State Representative Tana Senn, D-Mercer Island, made the following statement in response to the independent investigation report on Representative Matt Shea released yesterday:

“I vehemently condemn the acts of domestic terrorism conducted by Washington State Rep. Matt Shea as detailed in an independent investigative report released yesterday. His promotion of armed conflicts, intimidation of political opponents and advocacy to replace our democracy with a theocracy are particularly disturbing.

His actions are counter to everything we hold dear about our state and country— a free and open democracy, separation of church and state and the free exchange of ideas. As a member of the Jewish faith, his actions are personal.

Washingtonians deserve better. Together, we must send a strong, clear and unified message that efforts at intimidation and destruction of our democracy will not be tolerated. Rep. Matt Shea must go.”