I’m honored to be working in Olympia on behalf of my friends and neighbors in the 42nd district. The 2019 legislative session in Olympia began January 14, and we intend to wrap up our work in the allotted 105 days. And there will  be a lot of work. This is a so-called “long” session in which legislators are charged with drafting the operating, transportation, and capital construction budgets for the next two years. We’ll also work on myriad other policy issues ranging from energy, the environment, and healthcare to housing, transportation, and public safety.


It’s my privilege here in my first term to be vice chair of the House Committee on Rural Development, Agriculture, and Natural Resources.  These are key issues for Whatcom County and our whole state, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Legislature addresses these challenges creatively and responsibly.

Ours is a representative democracy, and I cannot lose sight of the fact that I am simply the representative, the voice in Olympia, for constituents in every part of our beautiful district.  To do this job effectively I need to hear from you — your questions, comments, ideas for legislation, and feedback on how my fellow lawmakers and I are doing. Regardless of how busy the work here can become, either I or my legislative aide will respond to your emails, phone calls, or letters as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, you can also . . .

Please stay in touch.