HB 1180 – TV Time for Local Candidates

Read the bill here.

I’ve introduced this bill which helps level the playing field in political campaigns. It requires broadcasters to provide serious candidates for local office, not state or federal, up two segments no less than two minutes in length per election (Primary Election and General Election). While there will be limits to candidates, the threshold to qualify for free TV time should be as low as possible to ensure candidates get to have their voice heard, without overwhelming broadcasters. I believe this could be a significant step forward in getting money out of politics and leveling the playing field between campaigns.

HB 1180 has been referred to the State Government & Tribal Relations committee and is scheduled for a hearing on January 30, 2019.

February 6, 2019

I testified on HB 1180 in the State Government & Tribal Relations committee on January 30. You can watch my testimony on TVW here.