2020 Session Wrap-Up: Wellness & COVID-19

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My thoughts are with all of you as we do our best to keep our loved ones well. The COVID-19 emergency is creating stressful, overwhelming situations for many Washington families.

As you all know, Governor Inslee implemented statewide closures of businesses, schools, and large gatherings to slow the rate of infection. All of our communities, however, are seriously impacted by these emergency measures. During the confusion of navigating online learning, unemployment benefits, and health care, it may be hard to determine where to turn for help or information.

To help direct people to the right resources, Washington House Democrats have compiled a landing page of COVID-19 information for students, parents, workers, and employers. It includes guides for school meals, emergency assistance programs, paid sick leave, and business relief.

Don’t forget: even if you do not show signs of infection, you can still be a carrier of COVID-19 and should follow proper public health precautions.

Information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly, so please continue checking these websites for updates:

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me. My staff and I are practicing safe social distancing, but we are still committed to working for you with sensitivity and empathy amidst this public health crisis. If you are interested, please continue reading for brief updates from the end of legislative session.

I hope that you keep yourselves, your families, and your neighbors healthy and safe.

Your voice in Olympia,

Bill update

During our short 60-day session, the Legislature passed many forward-moving legislation for the people of Washington. From investments in affordable housing and childcare to improving equity and diversity in our state agencies, I am honored to do this work as your representative in Olympia. Below is some information on the status of some bills that I sponsored this year. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a paper newsletter from me with more updates.

House Bill 2632
Washington members of a neo-Nazi group have been charged with using swatting to harass journalists as recently as this year. By increasing punishments for these irresponsible actions, HB 2632 will save innocent people from trauma, injury, and death. It is now awaiting Governor Inslee’s signature after passing with strong support in both the House and Senate.

House Bill 2691
My bill to improve bargaining rights for interpreters has also been delivered to the Governor. Interpreters perform vital work to help Washingtonians access to the state services they need, and they deserve to negotiate for better health benefits and job opportunities. I look forward to the Governor’s signature on this legislation. It passed 57-40 in the House and 32-15 in the Senate.

House Bills 2240 & 2947
After HB 2240, my bill to limit high capacity magazines, was passed out of committee, House Republicans added over 100 amendments to the bill. The time needed to consider all 122 amendments prevented this bill from having a fair debate on the House floor. In response, I sponsored another bill, HB 2947, in another attempt to continue to improve public safety in Washington state. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could get a vote out of committee. I will sponsor this common sense gun safety measure again next year.