Valdez elected chair of State Government & Tribal Relations 

OLYMPIA—Fellow lawmakers in the House of Representatives picked Rep. Javier Valdez (D-Seattle) to serve as chair of the State Government & Tribal Relations Committee. 

The work of this committee includes how we conduct our elections, accountability and transparency in government, and how we relate to the First Nations in every corner of our state,” Valdez said. “It’s an honor to lead my legislative colleagues on the committee—and am committed to listening to everyone, and working together, for the good of the entire state.” 

Valdez will also serve on Transportation and on Civil Rights & Judiciary for the session that will begin in January. 

When the 2021 session begins, the House will be operating remotely as a safety precaution until the COVID pandemic is over. 

Please continue to contact me with your comments and stories,” Valdez said. “Some of the best ideas for solutions come from people who see the same problem every day in their neighborhood or at work. And our democracy is only strong when everyone has the chance to be heard.” 

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