LEGISLATIVE NEWS: Wylie returns to Commerce and Gaming in 2021

OLYMPIA—Earlier today, the members of the Washington State House Democratic Caucus voted to confirm committee assignments for the 2021 legislative session. There’s one change in Rep. Sharon Wylie’s committee lineup.

Wylie will continue serving as 1st Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee, which considers the transportation budget, issues relating to transportation policy and transportation agencies, including the Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol.

“Repairing, preserving and improving Washington’s transportation system is one of the most effective paths to restoring and growing our economy and preparing for the future. I am committed to continue working on the I5 Bridge replacement, the transition to green energy and seeking fairer ways to pay for these investments,” said the Vancouver Democrat, who has been pivotal in moving along the conversation with Washington’s southern neighbor to collaborate on a solution that works for both states. “It is satisfying to ensure that our region has a strong voice and place in these critical decisions.”

She will also keep her seat on the Finance Committee, which considers issues relating to state and local revenues, tax exemptions, and changes in the administration of taxes.

“Making sure our tax policy supports Washington’s businesses and industries, and pays for the education opportunities our children need and deserve are my priorities and are the core of the work of this committee,” Wylie said. “It’s very challenging work that I am pleased to continue. We can do hard things.”

This coming session Rep. Wylie will step down from Innovation, Technology and Economic Development to serve on the Commerce and Gaming Committee once again.

“When I was first appointed, I had the honor of working on Washington’s first implementation of the recreational cannabis initiative. With the change in our committee structure I am excited to return to this committee that addresses policy for alcohol, cannabis and gaming in our state,” said Wylie.

Sharon Wylie has represented the 49th Legislative District, which covers part of Clark County including central and west Vancouver, since 2011.