Rep. Mike Sells

The budgets are finally agreed to, here is a look at what’s in them.

July 15, 2015

Rep. June Robinson and Rep. Mike Sells

The budgets are finally agreed to, here is a look at what’s in them.

This was officially the longest Legislative Session (176 days) in the history of our state and we are all glad the final gavel came down last Friday afternoon.While there were certainly many frustrating moments, in the end we avoided a government shutdown by passing the operating budget before the end of our fiscal year, and on Friday we passed the last bills to finalize the capital and transportation budgets. Here is a brief summary of what’s in each of the … Continue reading

Rep. Sells’ e-Newsletter – Middle ground for state budget

June 3, 2015

Rep. Mike Sells

Rep. Sells’ e-Newsletter – Middle ground for state budget

Meet us in the Middle Last week, Senate Republicans released a budget that continued to underfund teacher compensation and held other public employee contracts hostage in exchange for a wish list of anti-union legislation they were not able to pass during the regular session. Yesterday, House Democrats received public input on a revised budget that marks a significant compromise in negotiations, and now it’s time for Senate Republicans to meet us in the middle. Our new budget reduces spending by … Continue reading

Rep. Mike Sells’ e-Newsletter – Lack of agreement takes us into special session

April 24, 2015

Rep. Mike Sells

Rep. Mike Sells’ e-Newsletter – Lack of agreement takes us into special session

A budget is a value statement As you know, we are headed to a special session and it’s not because we couldn’t get our job done, it’s because Senate Republicans and House Democrats were not able to agree on what’s best for the state. Washington has the most regressive tax system in the country but Senate Republicans have refused to consider fair revenue proposals. Instead of asking corporations or the wealthy few to pay their fair share, they want to … Continue reading

Snohomish lawmakers successfully add $152 million in projects to transportation package proposal

April 15, 2015

Washington House Democrats

OLYMPIA—Last night the House Transportation Committee approved amended versions of both the Transportation Revenue bill, ESSB 5987, on a 17-8 vote, and the Transportation spending bill, ESSB 5988, on a 16-9 vote.  Dozens of amendments were offered in the 3.5 hour executive session; among those approved were projects and improvements sponsored by Snohomish area lawmakers Reps. Mike Sells, Lillian Ortiz-Self and Luis Moscoso, which focused specifically on the Snohomish area, totaling $152 million worth of transportation projects. “These don’t come … Continue reading

Rep. Sells e-Newsletter: Responsible budget vs. budget tricks

April 8, 2015

Rep. Mike Sells

Rep. Sells e-Newsletter: Responsible budget vs. budget tricks

Responsible budget vs. budget tricks House Democrats have put forward a responsible budget that makes important investments in education, mental health, and economic development. Our budget fully funds basic education for Washington’s 1 million children  Makes targeted investment in Early Learning and Higher Education Extends small business tax credits And repairs our broken mental health system Unfortunately, Republicans in the Senate have released a budget that is based on one-time transfers and budget tricks. As the Seattle Times put it, … Continue reading

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Rep. Mike Sells (D-Everett) talks about education funding, early learning, and higher education funding, especially WSU Everett. When it comes to tax breaks, Sells says they need accountability to ensure they are creating and keeping jobs in the state. Three bills that support working families are now in the Senate: minimum wage, paid sick and safe leave, and equal pay.

 Nieto, Lilia


Rep. Mike Sells talks about wage theft issues, an important problem for the Washington economy, and the opportunities for education legislation, including a cost of living adjustment for Washington educators.

Rep. Mike Sells shares his thoughts on the newly released Senate budget and says that now it’s the House’s turn. Then all three budgets (Governor, Senate and House) will be considered to come up with the final budget. Sells also talks about SB 5211, the social media bill, and explains why he introduced and then withdrew an amendment before passing the bill out of the Labor and Workforce Development Committee.

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