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Robinson appointed to three key legislative panels

A heaping legislative plate is in store for state Rep. June Robinson in the 2014 session. Indeed, the new 38th Legislative District lawmaker faces a daunting roster of responsibilities in serving on the three House committees to which she has accepted appointments.

Robinson has been selected to positions on the Capital Budget Committee, the Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Committee, and the Government Operations & Elections Committee.

“Issues taken up by these three committees are of great concern for citizens who make their homes in my region of Washington,” said Robinson, whose legislative district includes communities and neighborhoods of Everett, Marysville, and Tulalip. “I’m honored to join the work of the Legislature, and it’s a privilege to serve our Snohomish County legislative district.”

The primary responsibility of the Capital Budget Committee, of course, is to review and adopt the state’s Capital Budget, which currently amounts to $3.6 billion. This budget ¬†¬†includes money for repair and construction of public buildings, as well as land acquisitions and transfers. The committee discusses the allocation of state money that is either given or lent to local governments or nonprofit organizations for infrastructure, housing, and cultural and heritage facilities.

Issues involving community development, veterans, tourism, and tribes are taken up by the Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Committee. Robinson explained that this panel also reviews legislative proposals that relate to accessibility and affordability of housing, state assistance for low-income housing, housing authorities, and the state’s Housing Finance Commission.

The House Government Accountability & Oversight Committee discusses matters pertaining to the organization, structure and management of state government. Fiscal and performance audits of state-government programs and agencies also come before the committee.

The new lawmaker and her husband, Hilbert Robinson, live in Everett. Their two sons, Colin and Garret, are college-students.


Robinson currently works at Public Health Seattle and King County, where she manages Community Health Worker programs that address chronic disease self-management for people living with asthma and diabetes.