Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Walkinshaw’s comments on the Free to Finish College program.

“We absolutely need innovation to make higher education accessible to all Washingtonians. We also know that too many low and middle-income students in our state begin down a path for a post-secondary degree but never finish. They’re saddled with debt but don’t have a degree.


I’m enthusiastic to work with my colleague, Higher-Ed Chair Drew Hansen (D-Bainbridge Island), on the Free to Finish College Program.” Rep. Brady Walkinshaw (D-Seattle)

The proposal would cover students who are not currently enrolled and haven’t been enrolled for the last three years, don’t already have a college degree or certificate, and are 15 credits or less – about one quarter’s worth of credits – from their degree or certificate.

The Free to Finish College program is scheduled for public hearing today at 1:30 PM, and executive session in the House Committee on Higher Education on Friday at 8:00 AM.