Washington State House Democrats


Sells’ 4/28/17 Update: Special Session / Transportation / Get Involved

Special Session

The governor called us back into session on Monday to get our work done. While making decisions about the state’s two-year budget is complicated, I am disappointed that Senate Republicans haven’t even made a good faith effort to begin negotiating so we could adjourn on time. In fact, they publicly and repeatedly said they won’t negotiate with us.

Mike Sells

The budget is important and we want to make sure that our values are upheld. The main issue is to focus on the state’s paramount duty: passing a budget that fully funds our public schools.

How we pay for that is important. I believe it would be wrong to make seniors and families shoulder the burden with the Senate Republican’s $5.5 billion property tax hike and massive cuts to state services.

Instead, the House has proposed reforms to make the tax system more fair. That includes much-needed B&O tax relief for tens of thousands of small businesses, while asking the wealthiest in our state to pay their fair share to fund schools.

As lawmakers, we have the job of reaching compromises and solving problems. But that can only happen if all parties come to the table and work in good faith. Senate Republicans are not doing their job.

I want to get the job done for the 1.1 million kids in our public schools.

Transportation Budget

Having passed both chambers, the bipartisan transportation budget has been delivered to Governor Inslee and is awaiting his signature. It will allocate approximately $8.7 billion in much needed funding to Washington state’s transportation network.

The construction portion of the budget helps maintain our transportation infrastructure, supports jobs, and addresses key traffic and transportation problems that affect working families all over the state.


It secures over $3 billion for highway projects including maintenance and preservation of the system, additional funds to continue removing culverts to improve fish passage, funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects across the state, and completing a fourth 144-car ferry.

The transportation budget also includes an operating portion that provides funding for ferries, Washington State Patrol trooper training, Department of Licensing operations, investments in information technology upgrades, and fully funds the state employee contracts.

Click on this interactive map for information on all the transportation projects statewide, or you can also check out this map and list of projects in our district.

This budget moves our state economy forward by addressing our transportation needs and taking into account Washington’s population growth.

Keep informed, stay active and participate

One of the advantages of living in this day and age is having instant access to information right at our fingertips, and I’m not just talking about getting the news. What about simply learning what’s happening around town and getting involved?

We have a strong sense of community in the 38th district, and civic participation plays a pivotal role in getting things done.

As the days get longer heading into summer, if you feel like doing something but don’t know what, you could check out some well-maintained websites that are packed with information that is generally up to date.


For instance, the City of Everett, the Snohomish County and the Washington State websites offer a lot of information on news and services, but also events, workshops and activities you may be interested in. They’re worth a visit.

Keep in touch!

For those of you who have reached out to my office with questions or comments, thank you so much for doing so. I always appreciate hearing from constituents, and encourage you to keep reaching out.

I am now primarily located in the district office in Everett. This means that I will be in town, and I will have more flexibility in my schedule to meet with constituents.

As special session goes on, please feel free to email me any questions or comments, and since I will no longer be in Olympia full-time, calls should be directed to the district office phone number at 425-257-2168.